photographic services available

Corporate annual report photography work done on-site, or in-studio; corporate profiles, working portraits, customer stories, and special "challenging" assignments in greater Detroit, and outside.


Canon MKIII packages with multi channel audio

Fully insured for film production, Location, Camera Car, grip, talent etc.

FAA/DOT part 107 Licensed Drone Pilot - Arial Photography videography packages: small, medium, and large.

Rig shots, Stabilizer Gimbal operator, CameraCar, robotic hot-head capabilities Still and strobe packages

Can facilitate/support rental cinima cameras favoring Canon C300ii's, RED systems, Sony, Arri.

I am happy to work as an operator on your production or handle the production myself. I strive to be malleable and easy to work with for the long run. Union crews available.

GoPro Packages: small, medium, large.

Time-lapse capabilities, Tracking time-lapse 

Various lighting capabilities - Production equipment for rent.

Notary Public, Dual Citizenship, EU/US. Can work overseas in the European Union.



Motion Control- custom configurable motion control systems are available depending on specific needs

Strobe - Profoto and Norman lighting equipment

Ring light - owner operator of a genuine functioning Hine Light. A very rare neon ring light pictured above. here is a link to the Popular Mechanics article from November 1955 describing the invention.

Macro photography- custom, hand-made micro strobe light modifiers

High speed - shooting at high frame rates